Thanks Be to Giving in Ryan’s Crossing!

When it comes to Thanksgiving, most of us think of the story we learned in school of how the Native Americans and the English Colonial Settlers enjoyed breaking bread and sharing recipes together at Plymouth. We envision a turkey dinner with numerous side dishes and desserts, everyone gathered around a large table, and beautiful fall-colored decorations carefully placed throughout the home. The truth is, this holiday has been celebrated around the world by most cultures for generations. It is a ceremony to commemorate the end of the year’s harvest and sacrifice a portion of the bounty provided by the land. It is also a time to show our gratefulness to our new home community neighbors, family, and Pittsboro, NC community for the blessings we’ve received and the prosperity we’ve enjoyed. Below are several local opportunities for Ryan’s Crossing residents to show their thanks by giving back this season whether through volunteer shifts or financial donations.  

This is the time of year you will start noticing small roadside signs indicating BBQ fundraisers by the local Shriner’s and VFW posts. These non-profit organizations provide year-round assistance to many individuals in their communities via toy and coat drives or collecting donations in accessible central locations to fund their community work. You can help by picking up homemade barbeque chicken and pork plates for dinner, or ordering lunch for your office on BBQ days. When gift shopping for the upcoming holidays, remember to pick out a few new toys or a warm coat to donate. Talk to your children and teens about the importance of giving, as well as being thankful. 

At Ryan’s Crossing, our community is committed to land conservancy and an appreciation of nature, so we encourage you to inquire on available volunteer opportunities at these nearby organizations focused on environmental protection:  

Triangle Land Conservancy allows you to explore the many ways you can help keep our lands and waterways clean and healthy. 

 White Pines Nature Preserve has several great hiking trails and is a part of the North Carolina Birding Trail. Be prepared to see some interesting species in addition to the flora and fauna located within the 275-acre preserve. Take a trash bag with you and pick up any litter you may see on your walks. 

 McIver Landing on the Deep River is a major kayaking and canoeing destination on the Deep River Trail. Over 3,000 acres of land has been conserved along this area of river, and you can purchase a paddle guide or reserve a guided trip to help you explore. Volunteer and donation information can also be found on their website.  

Visit CORA Food Pantry online to learn how you can help provide a savory and satisfying meal for members of your community who have need of food assistance. Volunteer efforts through CORA include a range of activities such as food prep and distribution, sorting and stocking, packing grocery bags, intake assistance, and retail recovery. CORA offers several ways to donate, and these donations are completely tax-exempt. You may want to consider a cash donation on a monthly or annual basis. They also accept food donations or can help you set up your own food drive at your place of business or worship. They have an Amazon Wishlist you can shop remotely and you can also enroll in Amazon Smile with CORA as your charity of choice. 

Ryan’s Crossing is committed to providing the highest quality of life for our residents, and we know that giving back is the best way to give thanks. Whether you spend an afternoon picking up litter on one of the glorious hiking trails nearby or packaging boxes of food for a local family in need, we hope these recommendations will inspire you to share this season. Thanks be to giving back from Ryan’s Crossing! 

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