A New Tradition in Ryan’s Crossing

We often head into our holiday seasons using a blueprint that was created years or even generations before. The Christmas Tree will adorn that corner of a luxurious living room. The Menorah will continue as the reigning feature on a custom-built mantel. The Kinara will, once again, serve as the dining room’s centerpiece. The same can be said for the meals we gather our families around with hallmarks of ham, latkes, or gumbo. While that blueprint represents comfort and familiarity in our homes for the holidays, it can also be time-consuming and lackluster. 

Why not steal a note from New Year’s and approach our December holidays with an attitude of Out with the Old, In with the New? Swap out a few of those repetitive holiday menu items with something new and less traditional. Better yet, add some updates that will require less time working in your kitchen and give you more time enjoying friends and family around your glorious kitchen island. 

Ryan’s Crossing offers perfect proximity to a plethora of outside the box menu options in the Chapel Hill and Pittsboro areas. From heat and eat to pre-prepared, local businesses are at the ready to remove tasks from your holiday dinner plates. Adopting a new tradition of breaking tradition can open a culinary world that will allow you to celebrate the holidays with a global flair. Consider substituting a traditional side dish with a plate of paneer or masala from Azitra which offers Indian delights catered to your family’s needs. Or, if you prefer something closer to your southern roots, check out the grits or hash at Plates. If these ideas have you stashing your kitchen utensils away, The Root Cellar has unique, full meal options waiting to adorn your grand dining room table.  

Of course, not everyone is ready to let go of traditional fares, making both Harris Teeter and Wegmans your go to for all of your holiday favorites. Your oven won’t feel left out, your award-winning home will smell amazing, and, after the turkey or ham has been picked clean, you can take a post dinner stroll through Ryan’s Crossing’s new home community to enjoy the holiday lights.  

Perhaps you want to keep it all in house but with some new additions to the table. Slow Cooker Short Ribs let you set it and forget it after just a few minutes of prep time, most of which can take place in the days leading up to your holiday. Or break out your Instant Pot for Thai Chicken Thighs. If you have vegetarians at your table, surprise their palates with Quinoa Stuff Butternut Squash.  

Let’s not forget the fun of holiday cocktails! Rather than spend the day asking for orders from your wet bar, create a signature cocktail for all to share. Sangrias are best when prepared ahead and a Sparkling Apple Bourbon version is perfect for a December day. If you opt for a colorful punch, you can easily create an identical mocktail version for those who prefer it.  

Breaking tradition may sound intimidating, but it does not have to mean a clean sweep of your customary holiday table. Celebrate your comfort zone with your cousin’s famous casserole or your grandmother’s perfectly flakey apple pie. Simply surround those favorites with some new and unique tastes! You may find that a new tradition of breaking tradition will be added to next year’s blueprint. Wouldn’t you love to join Ryan’s Crossing premier custom home family in 2022? Contact us today to make that wish come true! 

From all of us at Ryan’s Crossing, have a very Happy Holiday Season! 

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