Why Choose Ryan’s Crossing?

The housing market continues to thrive in the Triangle and, with so many local amenities, the area is poised to stay at the top of many “Best Place to Live” rankings for the foreseeable future. The plethora of neighborhoods available for homeowners is only matched by the variety of options when it comes to selecting a new place to settle. Whether relocating locally or from a different coast altogether, Ryan’s Crossing should be at the top of everyone’s list when choosing where to establish new roots.

Why choose Ryan’s Crossing?

Ease of purchase. Home values have been pacing up for years and continue to do so in North Carolina. In the market of existing home sales, this often favors sellers. Opting for a brand-new luxury build removes the frenzied hunt for a merely satisfactory home and the bidding war that often follows the find.

Customization and convenience mean the buying process leans towards excitement and away from stress. From the moment a lot is selected to the day the moving trucks arrive, the Ryan’s Crossing team is available to its newest residents. The opulent homes in this neighborhood are anything but cookie-cutter as three premiere builders work to design unique homes surrounded by untouched natural beauty.

In a world where many developers buy large swaths of land only to divide them down into postage-stamp-sized lots, this new community does the opposite. Here, builders are required to plant trees at every residence to create a treelined street.  Homes are strategically placed on large, wooded lots to offer residents the most breathtaking views of a forty-plus acre conservation area. Complimenting the quiet streets are hiking trails, streams, and soon to arrive an outdoor yoga pavilion; all of the amenities are easy to navigate from homesites nestled in cul-de-sacs. For those that are called further to nature, Pittsboro is located just around the corner to two of North Carolina’s most loved state parks: Jordan Lake and Falls Lake. With a short drive, a world of endless hiking, biking, boating, paddling, camping, birding, fishing, swimming (and more!) can be reached.

Why choose Ryan’s Crossing?

Location, location, location.

Located in Pittsboro, NC, this neighborhood is convenient to multiple renowned universities, research facilities, and top-notch healthcare. With an abundance of technology companies planting their flags here, Research Triangle Park is often referred to as the Silicon Valley of the East. And, as a wide variety of corporate headquarters continue to relocate to the region, so do well-paying job opportunities.

The University of North Carolina, North Carolina State University, and Duke University are considered the area’s collegiate anchors, but they are certainly not the only higher education facilities available to locals. Again, the list is long and varied with options ranging from technical schools to community colleges to historically black universities to renowned post-graduate programs.

Also surrounding Ryan’s Crossing are numerous nationally ranked healthcare facilities, attached to research organizations driven to ground-breaking discoveries and treatment paths. While rivalries may run strong among local schools, the healthcare sectors are known for working hand-in-hand in resolving serious ailments. Duke University Healthcare has even paired with the National Institute of Health in offering a joint clinical research degree in its school of Health Science.

Why Choose Ryan’s Crossing?

Accessibility. Ryan’s Crossing sits on Mann’s Chapel Road which is convenient to multiple modes of travel:

  • Highways 15-501, 40, 64, and Interstate 95 are all easily accessible.
  • Raleigh-Durham International Airport sits just 30 minutes away.
  • Three Amtrak stations are less than 40 minutes away.

Vacation options open up with the beaches and mountains each only a few hours east or west or head north to visit the historical sites lining major highways in neighboring Virginia. Ryan’s Crossing is located less than ten miles from MOSAIC at Chatham Park an entertainment and lifestyle blend of retail, restaurants, and relaxation. Local venues offer year-round performances and sports enthusiasts have options ranging from collegiate to semi-pro to professional caliber events.

For those considering a relocation, Pittsboro, NC is a perfect spot to bring visions of a custom-built home to life. Floorplans are designed to meet all life stages, including those seeking to create a multi-generational residence. Contact the Ryan’s Crossing team today as this brand-new, luxury community will sell out quickly!

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