Multigenerational Housing

The Benefits of Multigenerational Housing at Ryan’s Crossing

Ryan’s Crossing is proud to sit ahead of the curve when it comes to multigenerational housing with a wide variety of custom floor plans that satisfy the needs presented by this rising trend. The first noted uptick in multigenerational housing came during the recession of the early 2000s and was born out of financial necessity, often involving cramped living quarters and sacrifices in personal space. Today, the multigenerational housing trend is on the rise again but, this time, for different reasons. Families are discovering the benefits of having a full house and an ability to do so utilizing the spacious floor plans in Ryan’s Crossing that allow each age group to carve out their own areas of privacy while sharing common spaces as a family.

But what is multigenerational housing? As defined by the US Census Bureau, a multigenerational home consists of more than two adult generations living under the same roof or grandparents living with grandchildren under the age of 25.

The benefits are endless. With shared expenses, costs can be handled collectively rather than split across multiple homes. On a similar note, responsibilities can be distributed, from youngest to oldest, with the more agile and energetic handling of those tasks that may not be suitable for the more senior members of the family. There is also reassurance in knowing that someone will always be present to assist the elder generation should they need it or be on hand in the event of a medical situation. Perhaps the most rewarding return, however, is the return of relationships. Memories are no longer limited to special occasions or squeezed in on the sidelines of the grandchildren’s activities. Conversations no longer end as the dessert plates are collected. Multigenerational homes offer built-in role models, storytellers, and caretakers.

Two years ago, dual-income households reached an all-time high, giving nuclear families a need to rely on their extended families for childcare, carpools, and even help around the house. Of course, this coincided with many families being forced home for an extended period, both for work and education. This caused that reliance on assistance from extended family to begin a slide from part-time to full-time. The outcome was a shift in thinking as, suddenly, the idea of multigenerational living began to show its many advantages.

The average age of the American population is on the rise with the projection of the 65-and-older age group to nearly double by 2060. One of the anticipated byproducts of that trend is a shortage of senior housing and homecare which, in turn, will cause the cost of those necessities to skyrocket. Two adult generations, who can pool their income in purchasing a shared home, can eliminate that gap while providing stability and onsite care-taking in both directions: the grandparents can take care of the grandchildren while the adult children can take care of the grandparents.

Ryan’s Crossings offers custom floor plans with multiple owner’s suites, providing the best of all worlds. Each set of parents can withdraw to their own gorgeous retreats for privacy yet the homes include several common areas for mingling and time together. Often, the idea of moving into an assisted living environment creates a feeling of loss of freedom or autonomy for our seniors. Multigenerational housing not only eliminates that sense of deprivation but also injects a sense of purpose as our elders become an integral part of the day-to-day functioning of the home.

The US was unique in that, with the uptick of technology, families split apart and moved away from each other, relying on email, social media, or video chats to remain connected. Today, we are reversing course as we find our way back to our loved ones. We are rethinking what “home” means and who that includes. Just a decade ago, voluntarily having more than two generations living under one roof was a foreign concept. Today, it is an idea that is experiencing new life.

The unique architectural designs and open floor plans offered by Ryan’s Crossing are a perfect match for multigenerational living as the versatility of the space allows the whole family to spend time together while prepping dinner or watching a movie or playing a board game. Custom suites can include amenities beyond a simple private bath such as a sitting room or kitchenette, offering a true feeling of independence while remaining, truly, right next door. Families can come together and build memories, yet still enjoy quiet moments in individual spaces created especially for them.

Reach out to Ryan’s Crossing today to start defining a new multigenerational vision for your future!

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