Seasonal Transitions in Ryan’s Crossing

It seems that just as we settle into our beautiful Pittsboro summer nights, Autumn begins to peek around the corner, ready to make its approach back to the area. While the transition to Fall may not be unwelcome, it can turn home decorating into a bit of a guessing game as daytime temperatures remain hot while evenings turn chilly.

Rather than saying goodbye to your beautiful outdoor areas, hold off on boxing up summer decor at that first sign of cooler climates. Instead, bring your spaces down to a neutral canvas and slowly work in the new season throughout the coming months. Remove any items that point directly towards the summer holidays such as those adorned with flip-flops, flamingos, or fireworks. Next, trickle in items that lean towards cozy and warm, with colors guided by the changes outside.

A switch in fabrics may be the simplest route to take by adding lightweight blankets with soft textures to your favorite summer sitting areas. Having a flannel jacket or fleece throw within arm’s reach may be just what is needed to prolong the enjoyment of a crisp night sky. Compliment those with removable throw pillow covers, available at most local craft stores. Both blankets and pillow covers can be swapped out from holiday to holiday and come in a variety of sizes. They are economical, easy on storage space, and can signal a switch in seasons with just a few minutes of effort.

Table runners are another easy way to kick off a new season.. Look for a neutral color that can be adorned with candles or items collected from a walk along a local trail, such as pine cones or pebbles. Candles are a great way to create a soft ambiance as the days grow shorter and come in several cross-season scents such as apple spice, limoncello, or fresh linen. While professional decorators may suggest an entire window dressing change each season, a much simpler update is with varying curtain tiebacks. This can be as done quickly by subbing in a wide ribbon or using a favorite scarf to “hide” everyday tiebacks.

Pick up hand towels with seasonal sayings or in your favorite Fall colors and don’t be afraid to use them! Rather than stocking bathrooms or kitchens with “towels for show” and “towels for use,” buy two of each so that there will always be a spare available while the other visits the laundry. Plaids patterns remain classic year-round but feel especially right for the return of cool weather. Mix and match a variety of tartans to create both cohesion and interest.

For true decorating ease, splurge on unique bowls or hanging racks. As the seasons change or holidays arrive, swap out their contents with items representative of the current theme. Does your family have an heirloom crystal bowl hiding in the closest? Find a prominent bookcase spot on which to showcase it and load it with twinkling lights or faux seasonal fruits. And think beyond pumpkins to squash, gourds, corns, or apples!

Outside, get a head start on your fall flowers by planting mums early to ensure time for the garden to establish strong roots. As they begin to bloom, throughout October and November, trim stems to being inside for display. Don’t be afraid to mix in some faux foliage to compliment Fall buds in a vase, giving a full look even as options become scarce.

For a fun project, create Glitter Leave Garland. All that’s needed are artificial leaves (check the Dollar Store!), glue, twine or ribbon, and a variety of glitter. Simply “paint” the leaves with glue and sprinkle with glitter. Once dry, tie them together to create a one-of-a-kind mantel decoration or string them across the top window pane to enjoy all season. Dyed pinecones are another DIY. Soak clean pinecones in four liters of water per one ounce of food coloring overnight – then allow to dry on an old towel. Perfect to add to a centerpiece!

While it is sad to see summer go, the start of Autumn brings many exciting activities. In our area, there are pumpkin patches, football games, corn mazes, and more. Still, there is no need to rush summer out the door.

Let your seasonal decorations blend together for a few weeks for all of your Ryan’s Crossing neighbors to enjoy!

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