Ryan’s Crossing: The Perfect Place to Launch into Summer

What makes Ryan’s Crossing an ideal starting line for summer vacations? Living in Ryan’s Crossing means having the ability to point oneself in nearly any direction and activate “relaxation mode” with minimal travel time. If you haven’t thought of your summer plans yet, now is the time. Swimsuits, towels, and flip-flops will fly off the shelves as quickly as reservations for cottages and campgrounds are being swept up. With so many options to choose from, it can be an overwhelming task. Mapping out an amazing adventure now will ensure wonderful memories in the months to come.

Pittsboro, NC is perfectly placed between our state’s coveted coastlines and majestic mountains, but there are also sites north and south of our residential community worth visiting. Whether your travel preference is planes, trains, or automobiles, our neighborhood sits in perfect proximity to numerous vacation options. North Carolina breaks itself into three regions when it comes to travel: Mountains, Piedmont, and Coast. Each region offers visitors endless experiences built around natural attractions that are unique to our state.

Head west and discover Chimney Rock, the Great Smokey Mountains, the first fly fishing trail in the country, or see if you can unearth a rare gem in one of the many available mines. Throughout the summer, the Mountain Region is also host to several music and craft festivals. Want to find a first? How about riding a waterfall? Sliding Rock is a rite of passage for North Carolina residents. Located in Pisgah National Forest, the waterfall sends eleven thousand gallons of chilled water over a smooth granite surface each minute. It’s fun for those brave enough to take the ride and for those who would rather watch from below.

Travel east to find 300 miles of barrier-island beaches lined with historic lighthouses, quaint towns, and access to scuba diving hotspots. Not to be missed? The Lost Colony: This summer marks the 85th Anniversary of this famed open-air experience. The theatre sits under the stars on Roanoke Island and the symphonic story tells true arrival tales of English settlers, in 1587, and their mysterious disappearance only three years later.

It’s no secret that North Carolina is full of vacation opportunities, whether simple day trips or week-long respites, but what about traveling a bit further? Our sister state follows the same regional breakdown with Mountain, Midland, and Coastal areas to explore in South Carolina. North Carolina passes our epic Blue Ridge Mountain right down into South Carolina, offering more opportunities for hiking, kayaking, and fishing ~ all perfect for a chance to get back to basics.

South Carolina seamlessly picks up North Carolina’s beautiful coastlines just past Wilmington as the Grand Strand area begins. This family-centered vacation spot has something for kids and adults alike with boardwalks, restaurants, rides, and shopping. It’s a great first stop to kick off a trip before continuing further south to explore the many wildlife refuges and animal sanctuaries that the state is famous for.

Sandwiched in between are a plethora of golf courses, historical parks, and samplings of the (second-best) barbecue in the world) in the Midland region of South Carolina. Perhaps a visit to a plantation home turned Bed and Breakfast to enjoy some old-fashioned southern hospitality will spark the poet in your family. Or, stay a few nights in Columbia and float down one of three converging rivers, perhaps catching dinner on the way.

Pittsboro residents are fortunate to live just down 95 from our nation’s capital, though the most common drawback is the drive to get there. However, with local easy access to the train, the trip north can become part of the adventure. With over a dozen free admission museums in the Washington DC area (and one fun zoo!), The Smithsonian Institution continues to offer something for everyone in the family. Sitting in the center of the Smithsonian museums is the National Mall, now fully open for guided tours or a walk to several iconic monuments.

Seeking to seriously escape? Raleigh-Durham Airport now offers fifty-one nonstop flights, including three international destinations. How about a jaunt to Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland? As Reykjavik spends its summer months with 24 hours of light each day, activities are available around the clock. Imagine whale watching before bed or horseback riding at midnight! Check it out at VisitReykjavik.is.

Wherever your summer takes you, the time to start planning is now. With so many easily accessible destinations from Pittsboro, NC, Ryan’s Crossing is the perfect place to call home – and the perfect place to launch from for an unforgettable adventure.

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