Fitness Fabulosity at Home!

The Ryan’s Crossing community is home to luxurious, custom-built properties tucked into Pittsboro’s beautiful countryside. As homebuyers begin the design process, they are encouraged to dream big, creating a home that meets each of their needs or wants. For some, that means turning the idea of a home gym into the perfect workout space. With generous floorplans, the homes in Ryan’s Crossing offer several installation options for a home gym that will be used frequently.

When thinking of a home gym, do you still picture a second-hand yoga mat and mismatched dumbbells stashed in a guest room? Those days have disappeared as homeowners now opt for a dedicated workout space filled with state-of-the-art equipment. Whether you have the skills to set up your own space or opt to tap into a professional designer, your home gym should be a spot that you look forward to using regularly.

  • Goals vs Space: Before starting a shopping list, first determine where your home gym would make the most sense. Bonus rooms are a terrific option for quieter workouts such as yoga, light or bodyweight reps, Pilates, or stationary cardio machines. A first-floor location is ideal for those who prefer heavy weights, aerobics, or multi-functional equipment.
  • Foundation First: Once your space has been selected, choose flooring that is appropriate for anticipated equipment. No matter your level of fitness, you’ll want something durable, easy to clean, and non-slip. Many opt for rubber flooring as a base as they are proven to be resilient and reduce noise. Another bonus? Rubber flooring can be purchased by the roll or often preferred tiles, as they make repairs more convenient. Not sure where to begin? Chatham Carpet & Installation has the answer!
  • Aesthetic & Athletic: Create a space that you want to visit! Natural light is motivating, but unique lighting can also brighten up the room. Choose a favorite paint color and add artwork that highlights your hobbies such as travel or sports. Be sure to include a mirrored wall to expand the space and monitor proper technique visually. Install a smart TV for entertainment or to follow virtual workouts.
  • Recover Right: A mistake that amateur athletes often make is skipping the cool down as they pack their gym bag and hurry back to their office or home. With a gym just steps away, there is always time to stretch, roll out, or even take ten in a home sauna. Allocate a cool-down corner for a proper post-workout recovery.

With the base of your home gym mapped out and its foundation prepped, the anticipation of equipment arriving will grow. New to a fitness routine? Leave room to expand! As you learn to embrace its convenience, you may quickly opt to upgrade your equipment.

  • Cardio: A regular cardio routine has both physical and mental health benefits as it helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol while reducing stress. Purchasing a high-end cardio machine may be the best investment for a home gym, whether a treadmill, rowing machine, or stationary bike. Remember, this piece is not for building muscle but rather cardio fitness. Choose something that is comfortable and can be used for extended timeframes.
  • Strength: The long list of strength training equipment can be overwhelming. A plus? You can build strength before deciding what to purchase. Bodyweight exercises are a terrific way to start a new fitness routine and allow more time to select pieces that work best in your home. Basic needs? An adjustable weight bench, adjustable dumbbells, and resistance bands. Thinking ahead? Barbells, weight plates, and functional trainers are all great additions to a home gym.
  • Gear: There are also many items that can be purchased a la carte and are easily stored. Suspension trainers take up next to no space as they are anchored to a sturdy wall. Kettlebells can be used for a variety of exercises. Bosu or yoga balls allow users to strengthen multiple muscles at once while increasing balance.

There are many ways to build a home gym and the brand-new, luxury homes in Ryan’s Crossing offer space for every preference. Kick it up a notch by adding a water cooler or a custom storage tower that includes towels and cleaning supplies! For those with youngsters ready to follow in your fitness footsteps, consider adding a latch high on the entry door to prevent safety issues. Have you recently relocated to the area? Invite new friends over for a private workout!

Building a top-of-the-line home gym is an investment in both your health and well-being. Create a room that meets your fitness needs and provides daily motivation. Visit the team at Ryan’s Crossing today to start designing your dream home, including a fabulous workout space.



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