Beat the Heat in Your Luxurious Custom Home at Ryan’s Crossing

Summertime can get extremely hot and humid in the Triangle area of North Carolina but at Ryan’s Crossing we are sharing some of the coolest ways for our residents to beat the heat this season. We found fun games to play, tasty recipes to try, functional and artistic crafts to make, and nature-infused and inspired activities for residents of all ages in our community. Last month we shared some of our favorite outdoor activities in and around Chatham County but now that it is getting HOT outside, we are focusing this month on things to do at home and in our community.

Ryan’s Crossing residents understand and appreciate our nature conservation community because they love the outdoors! Even with 90 degree temperatures and higher, there are still many ways to get outside and stay cool. Early mornings in Ryan’s Crossing consist of dew-covered open spaces and sweet tweets from vivid cardinals and brightly colored blue jays. Soon you will be able to enjoy our community hiking trail and then head to the Yoga Pavilion for a little meditation and stretching. You will benefit from those long shadows belonging to the pines and hardwoods surrounding you while the natural world is still waking up. On your morning hike collect bits of nature or indulge your inner photographer to capture artistic photos of the flora and the fauna. You can create some beautiful crafts and wall art for your custom home in Ryan’s Crossing.

Speaking of crafts, we love nature craft ideas like building paper-roll bird feeders for our feathered friends, constructing bee and butterfly watering stations, or building a fairy garden for great window-watching views from your home all season long. Have a nature scavenger hunt, create leaf rubbing collages, or start a terrarium with special finds from your outdoor excursions.

Water activities are also another great way to cool down! Grab a couple of plastic bins, some dish soap, and let the kids have a “toy wash” on the back deck. They can play with (and clean!) their waterproof toys in sudsy water while splashing and staying cool. Set up a bike and scooter wash in the driveway for the older kids or let them have a classic water balloon fight. Use various containers to freeze different sized ice blocks overnight in your freezer and then create your own ice structures by stacking them on top of one another. Prepare frozen paint cubes with food coloring and water in ice molds, and then use them to create colorful, unique watercolor paintings. Displaying your signature art is sure to perfectly complement the custom trim details of your home. Water and ice are not only fun to play with, but also cool to eat! Pick up some fresh fruit from the Farmer’s Market and freeze your own fruitsicles or make watermelon slushies.

Not every day in Ryan’s Crossing beckons outdoor play, and sometimes it is just too sweltering for fun in the sun. Whether you want to stay indoors with the A/C on or because it’s raining cats and dogs during one of our typical afternoon storms, we have an array of fun things to keep you entertained in your home at Ryan’s Crossing this summer. Game night is a popular pastime for all ages, and a weekly movie night is a great way to relax and catch up with family and neighbors. Set up a concession stand and ticket booth to add to the home theater experience. Indoor Camping has become an affordable and easy way to change things up at home as well. You can set up a tent or build a blanket fort in the spacious living room, make a fire-free “campfire” on the hardwood floor, tell ghost stories, and imagine you are on a faraway mountain or forest for the night.  Recipes like ice cream in a bag or cake in a mug are perfectly quick, quirky and tasty treats everyone will love! Chances are you already have all the ingredients in the kitchen and your granite countertops will make cleaning up a breeze! Another ideas is to make good old-fashioned rock candy – a process that is always fun and includes an educational chemistry lesson.

The Ryan’s Crossing location is prime for adventures, but you do not need to head out to Jordan Lake, Chapel Hill, or Haw River to find them. Exciting things to do and see await you here in our conservation community and there is a world of wonders in your own wooded backyard! This summer, beat the heat with these fun and memorable activities while you discover your life in Ryan’s Crossing.