Autumn has Arrived in Ryan’s Crossing

Autumn has arrived in Ryan’s Crossing which means the holidays are just around the corner! Here are a few ideas to help you get organized for the upcoming festivities.  

Picture Perfect
If you are going to send out a personalized holiday card, consider booking your photo session now to avoid last minute stressors. Many area photographers are more than happy to schedule location shoots and fall mornings provide excellent natural lighting for quality photos. Discover Ryan’s Crossing’s beautiful open spaces and wooded areas for your backdrop or you can utilize several nearby locations such as Haw River, Bynum Bridge, and Jordan Lake. Also, cooler weather allows you to don winter apparel or even holiday swag! 

Plan a Unique Menu
Everyone thinks of turkey or ham for Thanksgiving but trying a new recipe this year can add a little excitement to the meal and set a precedent for new traditions. Start thinking about your menus now and surprise your guests by serving stuffed game hens or a bacon-wrapped pork loin. Prime rib or beef brisket are also delicious options if you’re looking for a change, but if you’ve never had rabbit, you are missing out on Chatham County’s world-renowned hunting staple. Chatham rabbit has been considered a succulent delicacy since the late 1800s and can be roasted, fried, or smoked. When it comes to savory sides, add a little mascarpone to your plain mashed potatoes or serve creamy potatoes au gratin for a completely different flavor profile. Homemade versions of pimento cheese, a southern favorite, can enhance an appetizer and always satisfy. Don’t forget to prep your side dishes and desserts a day or two before the holiday meal and use disposable pans for easy cleanup.  

Love Your Lists
If you have family coming to stay in your custom home in Ryan’s Crossing, prepare your guest accommodations to be both luxurious and comfortable. Create a list now and start checking off any projects that need to be completed by the time that the holidays arrive. A few suggestions for your list include:  

  • Making sure there is room in the guest closet with extra hangers for their use and an empty dresser drawer, so they won’t have to live out of their suitcase.  
  • Stock up on travel-size necessities such as toothbrushes, Q-tips, and deodorant, in case someone forgets theirs.  
  • If your visitors include small children, research childproofing practices for high traffic areas. 
  • Schedule a deep cleaning to include baseboards, window blinds, and carpets. 

With so many things to remember, it is also helpful to write down your family traditions and things you want to do in the Triangle area. Purchasing tickets or making reservations now for local events allows you to enjoy your family more when they arrive.  

Paying attention to these small but important details guarantees appreciation for your hosting efforts and the comfort and ease of your guests. Planning now will also make the holidays much more enjoyable for you!  

Family and community are at the core of our philosophy for a high quality of life. We hope that you and your loved one’s experience Ryan’s Crossing living to the very fullest, year after year, season after season.  

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